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COVID-19 and travel: 2021 updates and terms FAQs

January 18, 2021


With the arrival of 2021, we continue to thank our customers and travelers for the continued support since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will soon be a year from the beginning of the pandemic in Italy (we are based in Faenza, in the region of Emilia-Romagna), and as difficult as it has been for us and the travel industry in general, we are as hopeful and POSITIVE as ever today that we will emerge from this experience stronger, as a company and as individuals. We also continue to believe in travel as a force for good – the human and cultural connections that it can create are as important today as ever!

Although in 2020 we were not able to see our customers who normally come from various parts of the world, we did have plenty to do with Italian travelers, through our Italian-language brand Pedaliamo In Italia! We spent countless hours and effort understanding how to operate a tour safely in times of Coronavirus. This meant hard work on the part of our office and field staff, but always with the knowledge that bicycle travel, in the outdoors, was the safest option for people to get out and enjoy after months of lockdown. We also took this chance to rediscover our backyard, right here in our wonderful Romagna! Like people did in many other parts of the world in 2020, Italians decided to get out and discover the wonder and beauty that lies around every corner of their country, and we are proud and happy to have helped them to get out and explore, in safety.

Today, vaccination campaigns are rolling out and people begin to dream about the possibility of travel again. We continue to put safety first, for our customers and our staff. When it is safe to travel, our flexible booking and cancellation options aim to provide peace of mind to those evaluating on booking a tour in 2021 and beyond – please read on below.

2021 Travel and Terms FAQ

Many of you are itching to travel to Europe, and we continue to make our booking and cancellation terms more flexible to facilitate travel decisions in these uncertain times. We encourage everyone considering booking a Tours package or Rentals service with Cycle Europe to read through these FAQs and our latest, 2021 Terms and Conditions. If you still have any questions, please drop us a line using our contact form above or email inquiries(at) – we’ll be happy to reply!


We have closely monitored the COVID-19 situation in Italy and wherever we operate in Europe, from the very beginning of the outbreak, never taking any aspects of safety lightly, and we have taken various measures to ensure we are creating and following the best safety policies for your future trips. Among other things, our office and field staff (from our Director of Tours down to our Tour Managers, Garage staff and Bike Mechanics and on-the-ground Partners) now follow internal guidelines and safety policies. Cycle Europe has also been actively involved with leading active travel industry associations – for example, co-owner Monica Price was a founding member of Active Italy in 2020, and we continue our decades-long involvement in the Adventure Travel Trade Association, one of the most reputable collection of the leading tour operators throughout the world, where co-owner Maria Elena Price sits on the board of directors.

Yes – we amended our T&Cs as the pandemic began to unfold and restrict travel in March 2020, aiming to provide flexible options to travelers who booked a 2020 tour and were not able to travel. As of January 18, 2021, we have adapted our T&Cs to account for COVID-19 conditions indefinitely (until further notice), meaning that our T&Cs are now longer just temporarily amended. For details, please see our recently-updated Terms and Conditions webpage

Of importance, our payment and cancellation/postponement policies have changed. Final tour payment date is much closer to the tour start date to allow for any last-moment changes in travel plans (90 days in previous years, now reduced to 30 days before tour start). If a cancellation, rebooking, or refund is necessary, our cancellation options are also much more flexible – please see below.

For customers requesting a postponement or rebooking, we no longer charge a fee – we offer 100% Money on Account credit, to be used during the following two calendar years and with other flexible ways to use (like transferring to family, friends, or any other person, without a fee). Lastly, for customers requesting a refund, we now allow for as little as 15 days cancellation notice for a full refund.  Please note that these terms now apply to cancellations in any condition – even if government authorities are not sanctioning travel, we will honor the above-stated cancellation, MOA and refund terms for customers who want to cancel their 2021 travel. Some exceptions may apply – please see our detailed Terms and Conditions webpage.

Because we have permanently amended our T&Cs to account for COVID-19 conditions and/or possible travel restrictions, if we are forced to cancel a tour due to safety or travel restrictions (both in the country or location of the tour, as well as between our customers’ country and the location of the tour), we will offer our customers the possibility of 100% credit on file for future use (aka Money on Account or MOA), and/or abide by local legislation dictating what to do (Cycle Europe, as part of the Bikes Plus Srl group, is a legally established Italian travel agency).

Money on Account (MOA) refers to credit given by Cycle Europe to customers who cancelled a tour and requested that funds be kept on account for future use. As of 2020, our amended terms eliminated fees for customers to take MOA in most cases (prior to this amendment, a penalty fee was assessed for cancelling a tour, the amount depending on the number of days before tour or rental cancellation by the customer). In our 2021 terms, if Cycle Europe cancels a Tour or Rental we will provide 100% MOA to customers; if a customer cancels a Tour up to 21 days before tour start, or a Rental up to 14 days before rental start, we provide 100% MOA to be used for an additional two calendar years, without fees or penalties, as well as other flexible ways to use the MOA.

Customers who cancelled a 2020 tour or rental and took MOA now have until December 31, 2023 to use, or transfer, their credit.

If a customer with MOA from a 2020 cancelled tour or rental books a 2021 departure and has to cancel again due to COVID-19 issues or travel restrictions, or if Cycle Europe has to cancel due to COVID-19 issues, we will extend the MOA for another two years.

Please see detailed terms in the MOA section of our 2021 Terms and Conditions page.