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COVID-19 and travel: Updates and FAQs

February 8, 2023

After a very busy and successful 2022 season in Italy and Europe, in which pent up enthusiasm for travel led to great demand for our bicycle tours, we continue to thank our travelers for the continued support since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Travel restrictions continue to ease and international travel to Europe is expected to continue in full force this year. As we prepare for the 2023 season, we continue to monitor the situation in all countries in which we operate tours. Also of importance, our flexible booking and cancellation options provide peace of mind to our travelers.

We are in the process of analyzing our guidelines for guided and self-guided tours for the 2023 season. Please refer to our 2022 Covid safety protocols below (What are we doing about safety on tour?). Our policies reflect local regulations, which in some countries of Europe may still require isolating when testing positive, or use of masks when on public transportation or in medical care facilities. Our detailed 2023 updated protocols will be published soon. Meanwhile, we continue to remind travelers about the importance of travel insurance (including trip delay or interruption coverage), as well as recommend that travelers are up to date with their vaccinations before travel.


Are you planning your travels to Italy or Europe and have questions? Read on below!

We hope the information below will help you make a decision you are comfortable with. Please feel free to contact us with your questions – we will be happy to help you understand what is needed and how you can safely travel in Europe.

See you on the road!

The Cycle Europe team

2022 Travel and Terms FAQs

Last updated August 25, 2022

For 2022, we have kept our new, more flexible booking and cancellation terms, hoping to facilitate travel decisions in uncertain times. If you are considering booking a Tour package or Rentals service with Cycle Europe, please read through these FAQs and our latest Terms and Conditions. If you still have any questions, please drop us a line using our contact form above or email inquiries(at) – we’ll be happy to reply!

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have closely monitored the situation in Italy (our headquarters country), and wherever we operate in Europe. We have analyzed everything we do, and how we do it, with the aim of creating a safe environment on our tours and with our rentals services, by creating, communicating and maintaining safety measures and protocols. Among other things, our office and field staff (from our Director of Tours down to our Tour Managers, garage staff and bike mechanics, and on-the-ground partners) now follow internal guidelines and safety policies related to Covid-19. Cycle Europe has also been actively involved with leading travel industry associations in this aspect – for example, co-owner Monica Price was a founding member of Active Italy in 2020 (a new network of active travel tour operators); and we continue our decades-long involvement in the Adventure Travel Trade Association, a collection of the most reputable active travel operators from around the world, where co-owner Maria Elena Price sits on the board of directors. Through both relationships, we have interacted with and mutually learned from a number of leading active travel tour operators in Italy, Europe and around the world.


In the light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented the following safety measures for our tours (please note many or most of these measures apply to our Guided Group tours only; where applicable to Self-Guided tours, this is explicitly indicated below).

  1. Follow local mask mandates. All travelers and tour leaders must wear an appropriate mask or face covering when required.
  2. Wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds with water and soap, or in absence of facilities, use sanitizer.
  3. Keep a distance of at least 6 feet (2 meters) from people outside of our “tour bubble”.
  4. Depending on the level of community spread in the destination region, we may request that travelers take a COVID-19 rapid self-test before joining the group. In such cases, we will provide test kits at your tour’s Day 1 or meeting hotel. We implemented this strategy for our European tours starting September 2021, and through the 2022 season to date, and having received positive feedback from travelers, we will continue this strategy based on regional numbers

These safety measures are based on and will continue to be based on the guidelines of the government authority where the tour takes place (for example, the Italian Health Ministry), as well as the World Health Organization and the US Center for Disease Control.

On tour, you can expect the following safety measures to be in place:

  • We encourage everyone not sharing rooms to observe social distancing standards throughout the tour.
  • We are observing and implementing official national and local COVID-19 prevention regulations throughout the course of the tour.
  • We may require travelers to be masked during our tour briefings and other group gatherings, although that may not be necessary if we are outside.
  • Tour briefings and group gatherings will be held outside or in well-ventilated areas when possible.
  • When entering towns and cities where it is evident that larger crowds might be encountered, we will follow all local regulations which might mean wearing masks.
  • We will provide hand sanitizer and recommend you also bring your own to take along.
  • In shuttles provided by Cycle Europe, we require that hand sanitizer be used before and that masks be worn throughout the ride. Windows will be left open to allow for ventilation when possible during the ride.
  • When entering sites or establishments, we will comply with local official health and safety recommendations.
  • We will arrange group meals only at restaurants adhering to current COVID-19 regulations. If participants attend restaurants for meals on their own, we encourage that mask, sanitizing and distancing rules be followed, if applicable.
  • Only accommodations and hotels adhering to current COVID-19 regulations will be used on our tours.
  • We ask that you take your helmet, water bottles and bike rear packs to your room with you


In the event that someone on tour gets sick, you can expect the following:

  • On our Guided Tours, we will have rapid-antigen tests available on tour, and if your test result is positive we will ask you and your travel companion (roommate) to isolate while we verify the results; on Self-Guided Tours, we will provide telephone and/or in-person assistance and support. This process may depend on local public health regulations in your destination, and could include further testing with the local public health authorities. We will support you in the necessary steps to manage recovery and isolation. This includes logistics for lodging and transportation. You will be responsible for any extra expenses resulting from needing to isolate or take additional tests. If medical assistance is needed, we will follow our standard medical protocols on tour and support you in seeing a professional and getting a doctor, if on a Guided Tour; on Self-Guided Tours, our office staff may need to support you remotely via telephone, or with the assistance of hotel staff.
  • We highly recommend you purchase Travel Insurance as most plans cover medical assistance for Covid and some plans also cover trip delay coverage including quarantine or isolation due to Covid. Please check with us if you have questions or need recommendations for travel insurance.
  • If a tour participant on your trip tests positive, we will monitor anyone who has had close contact with them and provide tests for self-testing or will recommend testing with the local public health authorities. We will ask those who were in close contact with the person who tested positive, to refrain from group activities until we can determine that they are not infected.

Yes – we amended our terms and conditions (T&Cs) as the pandemic began to unfold and restrict travel in March 2020, aiming to provide flexible options to travelers in uncertain times. In 2022, we decided to continue offering our flexible T&Cs even if travel restrictions are lifted, for the rest of the year 2022 or until further notice.

What makes our terms more flexible? Final tour payment date is much closer to the tour start date to allow for any last-moment changes in travel plans (90 days in previous years, now reduced to 30 days before tour start). If a cancellation, rebooking, or refund is necessary, our cancellation options are also much more flexible – please see a summary below, or for the full details see our updated Terms and Conditions webpage.

Up to 30 days before tour start, you can request a postponement or rebooking and receive 100% Money on Account credit, without fees. If you prefer a refund, we now allow for as little as 45 days cancellation notice for a full refund minus a small booking fee (€50 per person). Please note that as of 2022, these terms now apply to cancellations in any condition – even if government authorities are not prohibiting or limiting travel, we will still honor these flexible cancellation terms for customers who need to make changes after booking 2022 travel with us. Some exceptions may apply – please see our detailed Terms and Conditions webpage.

In addition, Cycle Europe has always recommended our travelers consider travel insurance as a means to protect their purchase against unforeseen circumstances – more so since the Covid-19 pandemic. Contact your insurance provider directly with questions before purchasing a policy and make sure you know what the policy covers in case you contract COVID-19 before or during your trip. If you need suggestions or advice, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

Because we have permanently amended our T&Cs to account for COVID-19 conditions and/or possible travel restrictions, if we are forced to cancel a tour due to safety or travel restrictions (both in the country or location of the tour, as well as between our customers’ country and the location of the tour), we will offer our customers the possibility of 100% credit on file for future use (aka Money on Account or MOA), and/or abide by local legislation dictating what to do (Cycle Europe, as part of the Bikes Plus Srl group, is a legally established Italian travel agency).

Money on Account (MOA) refers to credit given by Cycle Europe to customers who cancelled a tour and requested that funds be kept on account for future use. As of 2020, our amended terms eliminated fees for customers to take MOA in most cases (prior to this amendment, a penalty fee was assessed for cancelling a tour, the amount depending on the number of days before tour or rental cancellation by the customer). Through our current terms, if Cycle Europe cancels a Tour or Rental we will provide 100% MOA to customers; if a customer cancels a Tour up to 30 days before tour start, or a Rental up to 14 days before rental start, we provide 100% MOA to be used within the following two calendar years, without fees or penalties, as well as other flexible ways to use the MOA.

Anyone who cancelled a 2020 tour or rental and took MOA currently has until December 31, 2023 to use, or transfer, their credit.

If a customer with MOA from a 2020 cancelled tour or rental books a 2022 departure and has to cancel again due to COVID-19 issues or travel restrictions, or if Cycle Europe has to cancel due to COVID-19 issues, we will extend the MOA for another two years.

Please see detailed terms in the MOA section of our Terms and Conditions page.

Covid regulations are changing fast, and generally becoming increasingly similar in the various European countries where we operate. We provide the information below as reference, but we advise our travelers to consult the official information of the government or travel authorities to understand the requirements that apply specifically to each case (which will depend on country of origin, where you are travelling, vaccination status, etc.).


Italy entry requirements

For updated information, we recommend the website of the Italian National Tourism agency (click the link for complete, detailed information in English language). As of June 1, 2022, the current regulations apply:

A Green Pass or equivalent certificate is no longer needed to enter Italy .

The US Embassy in Italy website provides these additional details: travelers to Italy will no longer be required to show the Green pass (i.e., Anti-COVID 19 vaccination certificate or recovery certificate, or a negative swab test) to enter Italy and are not subject to quarantine upon arrival to Italy if they do not possess the Green pass.


Travel within Italy and the EU Digital Covid Certificate (Green Pass)

Effective from May 1, 2022, it is no longer mandatory to show a Green Pass to access businesses and services in Italy. Therefore, free access to local and national public transportation, bars and restaurants, shops, museums, theaters, cinemas, stadiums, gyms, spas, etc. 

Use of masks

Until September 30, 2022 the use of FFP2 masks remains mandatory aboard the following means of transport:

  • ships and ferries used for interregional transport services
  • High Speed, Intercity, Intercity Night, and Interregional Trains
  • buses connecting more than two regions
  • buses/coaches used for chartered services with driver
  • local and regional public transport

The use of a mask is no longer mandatory on airplanes and for access to indoor shows and sporting events.

However, the use of the mask in all indoor environments and in all cases of crowded outdoor events is highly recommended.

Please note that nonetheless, in all situations, the following people are excluded from the requirement to wear masks:

  • children under the age of six
  • persons with a medical condition or disability that is incompatible with the use of a mask, and persons who must communicate with a disabled person
  • individuals who are engaging in athletic activities


Exit requirements and re-entering your country from Italy

Italy has no exit requirements.

United States re-entry requirement: as of 12 June, 2022, the USA non longer requires a negative COVID-19 test prior to re-entrySee the CDC website for full details.

Canada re-entry requirements: Fully vaccinated travelers may be exempt from certain quarantine and testing requirements on return to Canada.  For full details, see the Government of Canada’s guidance for COVID-19 vaccinated travellers entering Canada.  This guidance includes determining if you are fully vaccinated, pre-entry and arrival testing requirements , and developing a quarantine plan (in case of symptoms developing or a positive test).

Cycle Europe offers bikes tours in Portugal, France, Croatia and other European countries, operating there directly or in conjunction with on the ground partners.

Please consult the guidelines and requirements for EU Digital COVID Certificate in this official EU webpage.

For detailed information on the requirements to enter, travel within and exit from European countries, please visit the official EU page

Our staff will also be happy to help you understand the requirements that apply to you, based on your country of origin or transit, and the country of your tour – please contact us and we will be happy to help.