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Cycle Europe - serving bicycle travellers since 1972

About Us

Owners of Cycle-Europe

Monica and Maria Elena Malpezzi Price

Our family has been cycling the world since 1972. Our parents, Rick Price and Paola Malpezzi Price started operating trips with their company Bike Across Italy in 1972 and went on to operate Italian Specialty Tours, Inc. and ExperiencePlus! Specialty Tours, Inc.

Today Cycle Europe is a brand of BikesPlus SRL*, a cycling tour operator and bicycle rental company based in Emilia Romagna and Tuscany – owned and operated by Monica and Maria Elena Malpezzi Price and Michele Boglioni, Monica’s partner in life and business.  Monica and Maria Elena are also co-owners of the guided bike tour company, ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours.  As a family, we grew up planning, designing and guiding cycling tours throughout Europe and we are thrilled to continue that legacy with a strong foundation in Italy.

As an Italian-American cycling family we spent our formative years living, working and cycling across cultural and language boundaries between the US and Europe.  We realized a long time ago that cycling was the best way to slow down and see the world.  We hope we can help you do the same.

Happy Cycling,
Monica, Michele and Maria Elena

Our Staff

Stefania Casadei – Departure Manager

Self-Guided Cycling tour Manager

Stefania is a Forlì, Italy native. She previously worked as a computer programmer and systems analyst, but left that life behind to spend more time on a bike. When she is not working for Cycle Europe, she likes traveling to far flung places such as Nepal, India, Costa Rica, and New Zealand. Stefania loves meeting people, experiencing different cultures, and exploring countries at the speed of a bike.

  • With Cycle Europe since: 1999
  • Languages: Italian and English, along with some Spanish and super basic German
  • Favorite bike item: Front and rear lights
  • Favorite place to ride: Anywhere safe
  • Next dream vacation: I’d like to go Bhutan and back to Argentina

“I’m still marveling at how organized and knowledgeable this young woman was, to say nothing of her constant cheerfulness and accommodating attitude.”

“Stefania was an incredible tour leader. She was always there when we needed and could not have been more helpful and caring. Her vibrant personality made the trip so super.”

“We called Stefania the sweetie. She smiles more than anyone I know!”

“Stefania, native Italian, grounded and solid, gave us the confidence that she’d seen it all at one time or another on tour, so we didn’t need to be worried or afraid. She’s got a great giggle too!”

Silvia Leoni – Finance and Rentals Manager

Silvia began working for Cycle Europe after spending six years working for an accounting firm in Ireland.  Having returned to her hometown of Faenza (also home of Cycle Europe’s headquarters), Silvia now manages custom tours and bicycle rentals and bookings for Cycle Europe

Outside of the office, Silvia enjoys mountain biking as well as road cycling, lindy hop dancing and live music.

  • With Cycle Europe since: 2011
  • Languages: Italian, English and some French.
  • Favorite bike item: my helmet.
  • Favorite place to ride: anywhere with little traffic and nice views.
  • Next dream vacation: anywhere but cycling!

“The bikes were excellent. Silvia’s service was outstanding – crisply efficient, friendly, very well informed and helpful. We were especially grateful for the map which we had tried (but failed) to purchase in the UK from a map specialist shop in London. It made a huge difference.”

“We enjoyed the trip and want to thank Silvia, Rick, Andre, and all the rest of the team for making our trip unforgettable!”

“I would like to commend Silvia Leoni for excellent custom service and support throughout. From the first time I contacted Cycle Europe earlier this year all the way through the end of our trip she has been reliable, very responsive, patient and friendly. My experience communicating and arranging details with her was exceptional. “

We appreciate the time spent by Silvia and all the support staff to assure that our trip was exceptional.  Thank you!”

Igor Baccini – Logistics and Equipment Manager

Igor BacciniIgor is a master of logistics. During our busiest season in Europe he assigns equipment to all European tours and supervises the movement of vans and bikes traveling throughout Europe. Additionally, he works with our full time mechanics to ensure all bikes are in top shape before leaving our Italian headquarters. He also is one of our star tour leaders in Europe. In his spare time he can’t get away from biking and he spends his vacation bicycle touring with his family.  Igor has been skateboarding since he was thirteen and loves helping  friends build parks and ramps. Although he does not drink coffee, does not follow soccer, and has a Russian name, do not be fooled, he is 100% Italian.

“Igor was very knowledgeable about the route and always ready to help when needed.”

“Igor was just amazing. He constantly went out of his way to make sure everyone was happy. This guy seemed tireless as he worked on our bikes even after riding with us on some of the more daunting days. He was well organized, knew his stuff, but, most importantly, he was someone that was fun to travel with. The best way to describe Igor is that he took care of us like we were family.”

“This guy is excellent, and so conscientious.” 

Javier Lardone – Sales and Marketing

Javier is a lover of active travel and joined us recently after moving to Italy with his wife and three small girls from Texas. His experience organizing and leading cycling tours in South America and Europe, as well as his background in relationship sales and marketing, made him a great fit for our growing team at Cycle Europe.

Born and raised in Patagonia, Argentina, his father’s work took his family to the United States, Norway, and Venezuela, among other countries while he was growing up. After studying International Business in Texas, he spent a decade working as a sales rep for tech companies in the Caribbean and Latin America (five years living in Mexico, a country he misses dearly!). These experiences forged his passion for travel, and he eventually left the “corporate world” to start exploring the “real world.”  In his journey to discover the real world he traveled throughout Latin America, doing everything outdoors – he worked as a scuba diving guide in Brazil, explored jungles in Central America and marveled at the ancient Mayan ruins in the Yucatan. And he crossed Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil by car, by foot and bike. Today all his time (and energy) are spent with his family, who luckily share his curiousity and lust for travel!

Sara Letterelli – Tour Sales and Operations


Sara started as an intern at Cycle Europe while she was a student at the University of Forlì. She studied veterinary medicine for two years before deciding she was more passionate about travel and language. Sara took a break from school to pursue her passion for travel. She left her hometown of Forlì to work as an au pair in Chicago, USA and spent half a year in Australia. Upon returning to Italy, Sara enrolled in university to study language and interpretation, during which time she also spent a semester abroad in Shanghai, China. Shortly after graduation Sara joined Cycle Europe full-time. When she’s not working, Sara enjoys volleyball in all its forms – competing, watching, and refereeing. She is an avid music lover and says she is “old fashioned enough to still buy CDs as opposed to buying digital downloads.”

  • With Cycle Europe since: 2014
  • Languages: Italian, English, a bit of Slovak and very basic Mandarin
  • Favorite bike item: Lights
  • Favorite place to ride: easy flat rides away from traffic
  • Next dream vacation: so many places I would love to visit! New Zealand, Argentina, Siberia in Russia…but I would also love to explore Italy more.



Michele Boglioni – Chief Tour Designer


Michele grew up in a village at the base of the Alps, in Lombardy. He studied Environmental Science in Milan and tried working in the environmental law field, but the call to adventure was too great. He headed to Australia for six-months of backpacking, then returned to Italy and started teaching at an environmental education school. He has also worked as a guide in a natural reserve and as a tour leader for other companies. Michele has a long history leading cycling tours for the Cycle Europe group. Now busy at home with a growing family, he works from our farm headquarters as our chief tour designer and stays very busy managing our routes and tour quality control.

  • With Cycle Europe since: 2004
  • Languages: I speak Italian, English and some Spanish
  • Favorite bike item: Front bike light
  • Favorite place to ride: Romagna hills
  • Next dream vacation: I would go over and over again to Northern Argentina

“Michele goes out of his way to make the tour great. He worked with the locals well, and was well liked by me and my fellow travelers.”

“Excellent; he is smart, personable, friendly. He always added a ray of sunshine to the day!”

“Michele is outstanding. We have traveled with him before and continue to find his leadership and organizational skills exemplary. He is sensitive to safety and yet encourages and adapts to individual riders’ interests and abilities. He is always helpful and has a great sense of humor.”

*BIKESPLUS SRL, Agenzia Viaggi On Line con SCIA al Comune di Forlì : Protocollo n.10890 del 09/02/2015, nel rispetto della normativa sull’e-commerce (D.Lgs.70/2003, D.Lgs 206/2005 – Codice del Consumo, D.Lgs. 21/2014)”