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Cycle Europe - serving bicycle travellers since 1972

Bike Rental Conditions and Bike Rental Contract

Cycle Europe is a BikesPlus SRL project based in Forli, Italy.

Download the Cycle Europe Bike Rental Contract

Payment Conditions

A 25% non refundable deposit is required to hold your rental. Full payment is due 60 days from the start of the rental. Please Note: rentals less than 200 Euros will be charged in full at the time of deposit. Prices are in Euros and charged in Euros, hence exchange rates will be determined by individual card holders’ banks. Additional charges for changes to rental service once service begins will be charged on the credit card on file or are to be paid in cash on site.

Cancellation & Refunds

All cancellations must be received in writing or via confirmed email. The following table explains cancellation fees for all bike rentals and associated services:

 Days Before Pick Up  Cancellation Fee
 15 days and over  25% of rental/service fee
 14 days or less  100% of rental/service fee

No refunds are possible after the rental begins. Refunds take 2-4 weeks to process from the date written cancellation is received. We reserve the right to cancel a rental prior to pickup for any reason, in which case a full refund will be made if cancellation occurs 30 days or more prior to the scheduled pickup date of the rental. If we are forced to cancel a rental, we will award a 100% refund. Refunds are for rental price only and excludes expenses incurred by customers in instances where Cycle Europe is forced to cancel a rental.

Delivery Conditions

Renter acknowledges that Cycle Europe will do its best to deliver and pick up from locations at agreed upon times but force majeure or other exceptional circumstances (unusual traffic en route to drop-off or delivery) may cause delays.  Renter agrees to adhere to delivery and pick-up times themselves and authorize Cycle Europe to charge their credit card if meeting times are not met and additional expenses are incurred due to renter lateness (i.e. staff time, highway tolls, staff meals and lodging, etc).  If there are changes to the pick up location or time once the rental has started this must be communicated by confirmed email or direct telephone contact at least 48 hours before the bicycles are returned to Cycle Europe.

If delivery location does not allow for easy access by van to drop off or pick up bicycles please make additional arrangements.  We often deliver to beautiful remote villas in rural areas that have 17% grade gravel roads and low-hanging trees. Cycle Europe is not responsible therefore for any additional time and expense that may accrue if changes in delivery location or means have to be made.  It is renter’s responsibility to know whether the pick up and drop of location is acceptable.

Print Version: Self Guided Terms and Conditions

Rental Contract to be signed upon delivery CE Bike Rental Contract:

Theft/Damage Insurance

In our years of renting bicycles, we’ve had virtually no incidents of theft or damage, although we recognize the prospect of mishaps exists. So we offer a means to insure your rental bike against theft or damage caused by accident for selected rentals (please inquire about the availability of insurance for your specific rental as not all our agents provide this option).

This insurance costs €10 and is entirely optional. It provides the following coverage:

  • in the case of minor damage to bike or damage or loss of accessories, 100% of cost of repairs
  • in the case of irreparable damage resulting in the bicycle’s permanent retirement, theft or loss of the bicycle, covers the replacement cost for the bike and accessories less a 600 Euro deductible fee for standard bikes and an 900 Euro deductible for Titanium Bikes
  • please note that third-party liability, medical costs, and any other incidental costs that result due to rental bike damage or theft / loss of the rental bike are not covered.

Many home-owner policies and some car insurance policies provide coverage against incidental theft and damage while the insured is traveling; please check your policy to see if this is the case.