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Bike Rental/ Bike Hire In Italy FAQ

All you need to know about our bike hire services in Italy

Can you deliver the bikes to Hotel XYZ in Tuscany (Umbria, Provence, etc.)?

We can normally deliver to your hotel, rental villa, airport, or train station throughout much of France, Italy and elsewhere for a *fee. We cannot complete a quote without information on where you would like to rent. We will ask detailed information about the location as we want to make sure it is easily accessible by van (a 20% gravel driveway up a beautiful Tuscan mountain sometimes is hard to navigate with a van full of bicycles!) You can save money on delivery by picking bikes up yourself from our various rental locations. Keep this in mind as you make your travel arrangements.

* Varies depending on the number of bikes rented and the length of time.

What will a quality road bike or hybrid bike cost me for a week?

A week-long rental is generally 175 euros, not including delivery. For full details visit Bike Rentals In Europe page. Pricing information for self-guided tours is near the bottom of each tour’s detail page; for example, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Do you have bicycles or accessories (bike seats, trailers) for children?

Yes, we normally can fit children taller than 4’10” (1m, 47 cm). For smaller children we can offer “Tag-alongs.” Some of our agents have children’s bikes, children’s bike seats (for babies), and trailers for children. See our Bike Accessories page for details and pricing.

Would it be possible to fit a rack to the back, I have my own panniers?

Yes, all our bikes have rear racks suitable for panniers.

Can you give me some suggestions about great bike rides - where to ride my bike?

That’s what we do! We can add on Itinerary planning for your group or trip with your rental. We are unable to add that as a service separate from a bike rental.

Do your bikes have toe clips, SPD Pedals? Can I use clipless shoes?

We provide “flat” pedals or pedals with “toe clips” (which are actually toe cages or “baskets”). If you prefer “clipless” Shimano, SPD, Look, or similar clip-in pedals that require special shoes, you should bring both your shoes and pedals. If we personally deliver the bikes and give a bike fitting we will help put the pedals on.

Can I pick a bike up in Florence and drop it off in Venice?

One-way rentals are possible, however this depends on the number of bikes and length of your rental. Please note you will likely incur delivery and pick up fees. If you are renting bikes through one of our agents the bikes can usually only be delivered and collected within their region.

Do I have to bring my own tools, pump, tire irons, and spare tubes?

No. We provide all of the above mentioned tools (and a cyclometer on most of our rentals). We also provide water bottle cages on all bikes, a water bottle can be provided on request depending on the rental location.

What accessories do you provide with the bicycle (i.e. panniers, rear bags, mapholders, etc)?

In most locations we have a variety of accessories available such as panniers, rear bags, and map holders. See our Bike Accessories page for details and pricing.

Do you provide helmets?

Yes we can, although we suggest that you bring your own for safety’s sake and for a good fit.

Who is responsible for the bikes if they are damaged or stolen?

You are. You will agree to this when you sign our contract when the bikes are delivered to you. You will also need to tell us right away if the bike is damaged.

Do you offer insurance?

You are responsible for the bikes you rent as you would be with any vehicle you rent. You should let us know immediately if the bike is damaged or stolen. In both cases you are responsible (even in the case of a stolen bike that was locked at the time) for the wholesale price of the bike (usually between €1000 to €2500 depending on the model). For select rental locations you have the option of buying insurance at a cost of 10 euros per bike.

Where can I find more information about your road bikes?

We have a few different kinds of road bikes available depending on location and your preference. See the our Bike Rentals In Europe page for details.