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Italy Self Guided Cycling Trips

Self Guided Bicycling Vacations In Italy

We've learned that the best way to discover the magic of Italy is by bicycling through it. Italy's culture, food, rural landscapes and people come to life in the countryside when you slow down and observe the details by bicycle.

On one of our self-guided bicycle tours you'll discover extraordinary art and marvelous rural landscapes of Tuscany, Umbria, Puglia, Romagna and Sicily. You'll have the best of Italy at your fingertips. End every day with a delicious meal of local food specialties and you'll understand why Italy is such a popular bicycling destination.

You pick the dates and the itinerary and we'll do the rest!

Explore Tours in Italy

  • A Taste of Italy - Emilia Romagna

    Length 7
    Level 1
    Price €1120

    Join us on this culinary adventure through Italy's renowned culinary region! Extraordinary local dishes made according to tradition and behind-the-scenes visits will make your day rides memorable. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on this tour!

  • Cycling Venice to Pisa Self-Guided

    Bicycle Across Italy - Venice to Pisa

    Length 12
    Level 2
    Price €1890

    If you love Italy, then you'll love our bicycle tour from Venice to Pisa. Our classic "original" bicycle trip across Italy, you'll ride the bicycle routes we've been using for over 30 years. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on this tour!

  • Venice to Florence Self Guided Cycling

    Bicycle Italy's Art Cities from Venice to Florence Self Guided

    Length 8
    Level 1
    Price €1390

    Our most popular bicycle route in Italy for beginning cyclists offers a taste of Italy's most spectacular cities. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on this tour!

  • Taste of Romagna - cycling tour in Italy

    Bicycle Romagna, Heartland of Italy's Homemade Pasta

    Length 8
    Level 2
    Price €1130

    The Romagna portion of Italy's EmiliaRomagna region is the heart of Italy's homemade pasta and one of the most bicycle-friendly regions in Italy. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on this tour!

  • Bicycling Cortona, Montalcino and Siena in Southern Tuscany

    Length 8
    Level 3
    Price €1390

    Discover the beauty of Cortona, Montepulciano, Pienza, the Val d'Orcia, Montalcino and its famous Brunello wine, and Siena. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on this tour!

  • Cycling in Umbria - Self- Guided Bike Tours in Italy

    Bicycling Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy

    Length 10
    Level 2 to 3
    Price €1590

    Start in Perugia the ancient and modern capital of Umbria, then explore Assisi home of Saint Francis, and pedal through vineyards, past chestnut and oak forests, and over rolling hills to monasteries, castles, and hilltop villages virtually unchanged since the Middle Ages. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on this tour!

  • Self-Guided Cycling in Tuscany

    Classic Tuscany Self Guided Tour

    Length 8
    Level 3
    Price €1450

    The best way to explore one of Italy's most famous regions, Tuscany, is to cycle through it while enjoying the perfect blend of culture, cuisine, history, and rolling scenery. Tuscany is known for its earthy wines, rich art history, architecture, and its welcoming people. Walk through living history in the vibrant cities of Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa. From Piazza della Signoria in Florence to Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, through Siena, San Gimignano and Lucca. SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on this tour!

  • Design your own cycling tour

    Create your own tour

    Length 28
    Level 1 to 3
    Price €0.00

    Create your own Self Guided Tour! We have tons of rides and destinations to suggest you. We can help you building the tour of your dreams!

  • Cycling Adriatic from Cesenatico

    Discover the Adriatic Riviera's hidden beauty

    Length 7
    Level 2 to 3
    Price €1050

    Explore the Adriatic Riviera and its inland valleys, hamlets and castles. This is a fixed base cycling holiday, with a loop ride for each day to bring you back to your seafront hotel with pool and dinner included

  • Cycling in Sicily - Self-Guided Biking

    Eastern Sicily: from Baroque Cities to the Capital of Magna Grecia

    Length 7
    Level 1 to 2
    Price €1150

    This self-guided tour explores southeastern Sicily and the famous baroque towns of the Val di Noto taking you along the coast of Sicily, perfect in the Spring and Fall.

  • Central Square in Puglia - cycling in Puglia

    Puglia and Basilicata - Best of Southern Italy

    Length 8
    Level 2
    Price starting from €1130

    The regions of Puglia and Basilicata occupy the "heel" of Italy's boot, surrounded by the Adriatic and Ionian seas. Here, ancient Greek and Italian culture mingle in hillside vineyards, olive groves, and whitewashed villages nestled against the blue of the Mediterranean.