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Self-Guided and Guided Bike Tour Rating Descriptions

Level 1 bike tour:

These bike tours are great for beginners, but also good for intermediate or advanced bicyclists traveling with friends who are beginners.  Extra mileage may be available and requested in advance.

  • Average riding days: 5-6
  • Average daily distance: 40-50 km (25-31 miles)
  • Cumulative daily climbing: 300-600 m (1,000-2,000 feet); some tours in in flatter regions may include rides with much less climbing

Level 2 bike tour:

Great for all levels of cyclists and active travelers. Level 1 cyclists may find some of the days challenging, but not impossible!

  • Average riding days: 6-9
  • Average daily distance: 50-60 km (30-37 miles)
  • Cumulative daily climbs: 300-600 m (1,000-2,000 feet), but half the days may include cumulative climbs over 600 m (2,000 feet)

Level 3 bike tour:

For intermediate and advanced cyclists who want a fun vacation, enjoy some hills but don’t need to ride a century.

  • Average riding days: 6-12
  • Average daily distance: 60-70+ km (37-45+ miles)
  • Cumulative daily climbs: over 450-750 m (1,500-2,500 feet) on most days and at least three days with cumulative climbs over 900 m (3,000 feet)