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Meet the Bike Mechanics

June 10, 2015

It is likely that before you pick up your bicycle you will have exchanged several e-mails with our staff in our Italian office. Some of you may also have the pleasure of meeting some of our tour leaders in person when you pick your bikes up or if you travel with us on a guided bike tour.  In addition to the office staff and our tour leaders, there are a few more important individuals we believe you should meet.

These are the folks who work hard on bikes all season and make sure everything bike related is functioning – the Cycle Europe bicycle mechanics.


Attilio studied accounting in high school, but his passion for cycling was a part of his life ever since he was a kid. He started racing in amateur categories when he was 15 and has not stopped riding since – though mostly for pleasure and not as a racer. He has enough stories from his numerous trips to keep us entertained for days. Some of the places he has cycled include the Black Forest, Camino de Santiago in Spain, New Zealand, Patagonia, Syria, South Africa, and most recently in Mongolia (where he helped some kids with their bike issues!)

He has worked for Cycle Europe since 2014.

He is well known in the office for his sense of adventure and for the delicious bread he bakes.


Davide seems to always have known he wanted to work with bikes: he attended a special high school in Italy to become a mechanic. He is back in Italy after having lived in Australia for 7 years where he also was working as a bike mechanic. In 2010 he came back to Italy to work in a bike shop just for the summer and not long after that decided to move back to Italy for good.

He has worked for Cycle Europe since 2015.

Davide is well known in the office for his love of homemade pasta. At least once a week he hops on his bike and rides to a local restaurant for a plate of cappelletti for lunch!