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Using Ride With GPS On A Cycle Europe Tour

September 13, 2018

GPS Tracks For Your Bike Tour

For you tech-loving riders out there we offer the opportunity to download GPS tracks of the tour route to your personal GPS device using or you can use the Ride With GPS app on your smart phone (even when you are offline).

Some tips and things to consider so you can plan ahead:

  • An account is required with RWGPS to download or use the tracks.  Tracks are sent via and you will be required to create an account with this website if you want to download them.
  • We ask you keep these tracks for your personal use and not distribute them beyond your device.
  • The tracks are the intended route but it can change as we are (currently) not able to predict all the unexpected road blocks that may come up – you never know when construction will pop up. We will notify you if there is a change in route at your briefing.
  • Know your device – Please be comfortable with your technology as tour leaders and our staff are not experts in GPS technology or how your particular device functions and therefore may not be able to assist you on tour or during your briefing.

How it works – we recommend doing this before you leave home:

  • Once we send you your final email (about 20- 30 days prior to your departure), you’ll be sent a special “event” link that takes you to
  • “RSVP” to your trip by clicking the link emailed to you (or copying and pasting into your browser).
  • Login or create a account (you just need a free account)
  • After you login/register you will automatically be added to our “event” (i.e. our trip) as a participant and you will have access to the daily routes on the event page.  As a participant in our event, you are able to access special “premium” features that normally would not be available on your free account – most importantly, you can download each day’s route to your smart phone or gps.
  • From here, you can access and download each day’s route onto your device or use the RWGPS Smart Phone App – RWGPS has great how to videos on their website for how to do this:

Download to your device:

  • Click on your route in the event and then select “Go To Route”
  • From the day’s route, you will be able to export from the upper right hand menu in the screen.

Using the RideWithGPS smartphone App:

If you are using the RideWithGPS smartphone app, as a participant in this “event” all the routes for this tour will appear in your menu point “my events”.  We highly recommend you save the routes to see them when you are offline.  Learn more about this option here:

Need help?

Ride With GPS offers help and easy to follow video instructions at: We don’t generally recommend printing out the cue-sheets as they are not as reliable as the routes on the map.