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E-bike use

Important tips and instructions for use


If you have rented an e-bike (pedal assist bike), you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the e-bike display settings (most importantly, how to set the assistance level). Below you will find a series of short instructional videos. You will also find these video links on your RWGPS Experience app (your on-tour “digital roadbook”). We recommend viewing the videos now, before travelling, from your home wi-fi, so that the files will be cached in your smartphone for future use!

If you’ve booked a Casual self-guided tour, your bike will be awaiting you at your starting hotel; you will not meet our staff in person, so we suggest you access these videos now, so that you are prepared for using your e-bike when you begin your tour.

Click on the sections below for more details!

How to use the display

We offer four types of e-bikes.  These videos explain how to use the displays (most importantly, how to set the assistance level):

How to charge your ebike

To charge your e-bikes overnight: please note you do not need to remove the battery from the e-bike frame to charge it; rather, the hotel staff will indicate where you can store the e-bike overnight, with a nearby wall outlet for charging with the battery charger we’ve provided you. The charger socket is found near the battery cover or battery housing. The exact location varies by e-bike model, and  it may be covered by a rubber seal – refer to the photos below to find the socket on your e-bike. Align the charger plug accordingly, press until it’s snug, and check the battery or the display to confirm that it is charging.


Fantic e-bike socket location


Cannondale e-bike (step-through frame) socket locations


Cannondale e-bike (step-over frame) socket locations

GT and Cannondale e-Road bike socket locations


Musing E-bike socket locations

E-bike user tips

E-bikes are heavier

– use the KICK STAND when parked

– use the WALK BUTTON when pushing the bike up a hill

– stairs, ramp, steps… ASK FOR HELP

Starting and Stopping

– start pedaling in a LOW GEAR

– start pedaling in ECO MODE


Battery handling: making your battery last the entire ride

– RECHARGE the battery every nigh

– check the BATTERY RANGE frequently and adjust accordingly

– Tips for maximizing battery life:

  • Cadence: at least 50 RPM (your pedals should go all the way around at least once per second, or more)
  • Weight: don’t overload the bike
  • Use low gears when starting and climbing
  • Use Eco and Tour mode as much as possible (leave Turbo for the steep hills)

We recommend you download these videos and accessing these webpages on your smartphone now, from your home Wi-Fi, so that you don’t have problems accessing the videos from the field (when you will not have Wi-Fi but will need the videos the most!).

Have a wonderful tour!